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DuVay   Knox presents....

Black Pulp Fiction

Publishing House

Kings of the
Black Underground
Street Novel & more!!

The Life of Death As Told by Dat Nigga Death

HooDoo  Detectice Finds Lost & Missing Pussies

A Blaxploitation Manifesto Protest Parody






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Where U will find the latest in original gritty/crime/street/hood/supernatural literature  written by summa da hottest/up & cumming writers on earth.

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Killa Reviews....

Soul Collector Reviews:

A twenty something with a violent past, killed in a police shooting, goes to Hell and excels at his new job of collecting souls for the Devil and his crew (the HNIC).

"This is a dark-comedy noir. It takes place in a hellish afterlife, in fact, at times it takes place in Hell. 


I LOVED this book! If you're looking for an honest, authentic, satirical, unpretension unapologetic midnbender that kicks you in the teeth and makes you ask for another, then this is for your.  Not for the easily triggers (but for everyone else) 

Amazon Reviews

The Pussy Detective Reviews:

This is everything I wanted it to be, Pulp Fiction that's in such a unique, funny, and insightful voice. So much of the feeling is in how earnestly it channels the voice of its speaker who is ridiculous, A detective that communes spiritually with the essence of a woman's pussy.

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